Apple blossoms and bees

Yesterday Elodie took some fantastic pictures of both honeybees and native bees visiting the apple trees blossoms. The blossoms are in full bloom now which are gorgeous and smell heavenly but tomorrow night  (Wednesday) and Thursday night is supposed to get in the high 20’s at night which is a real bummer because the cold will probably knock off the blossoms and that will be the end of our apple season again… Meanwhile let’s enjoy these great pictures while we have them.

I call this the drunken bee-drunk on nectar!

I call this the drunken bee-drunk on nectar!


bee getting pollen on apple blossom_blog

Here’s a closeup of a bee


bee on apple blossom_blog

This honey bee has some pollen on her legs


Native bees visit the blossoms too!

Native bees look very different from honey bees

bee on apple blossom5_blog

Honey bee visits an apple blossom




4 comments on “Apple blossoms and bees

  1. Mimi Hoffman says:

    Wonderful pix of those hard-working bees (and so happy that Dorothy is ok). It seems that each year the weather in this area inflicts cruelty on the fruit trees and fruit farmers. God bless you all for your persistence.

    This is an amazing website!


  2. gene solyntjes says:

    Jannine, even though the weather might ruin your apple season, I envy the size of your blossoms you had this year.

    Gene and Linda


  3. Gerard says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures of bees at work.


  4. Pam Grob says:

    Really nice photos; let’s hope the frost isn’t too deep to kill the blossoms.


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