The pullets have been busy!

eggs 2015

I posted the pullets started laying eggs and now they are laying full blast!  Nice to have fresh eggs again and the eggs are getting bigger! Chickens stop laying eggs in the winter and start laying eggs when there is more daylight in the spring and they are right on time!

5 comments on “The pullets have been busy!

  1. Jill Foster says:

    Wonderful. Want my egg cartons?


  2. Canyon Angel says:

    Hi Jannine,

    Could you please remove me from your email list? Since we are now friends on Facebook I can receive your posts that way. How exciting that you now have hens! Will you be selling eggs at the Farmers Market?

    Best wishes, Angela

    Angela Werneke SAND RIVER COHOUSING 3466 Cerrillos Road J1 Santa Fe, NM 87507-3014 505.988.2099


  3. Cluck, cluck! Go girls!


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