Nov. 4, 2014-First HARD freeze in the garden

cold-clip-art-clipart-coldthermometerUnbelievably I haven’t had a HARD freeze here until last night. In October I had 2 nights where it was barely freezing and those did do some damage (nothing too severe) in the garden but we haven’t had a really HARD freeze till now.

The temperatures will be from the mid 30’s to high 20’s the next few nights here in Santa Fe so I guess old man winter is right around the corner. No matter, I picked my tomatoes just before the the first light frosts in October (not knowing how cold it would get that night).

I can’t ever remember having this warm of a fall. It’s been great for harvesting as I could take my time instead of rushing to get everything out. We usually get a hard freeze by mid-October so it’s been a wonderful fall for all us gardeners! Now it’s time to put the garden beds to rest.

4 comments on “Nov. 4, 2014-First HARD freeze in the garden

  1. Darrell Durbrow says:

    After sucessfully germinating a long gourd seed back in the spring, then having bugs eat up the vine, yet saving it, I finally have a vine that has produced 2 baby gourds about 4 inches long. I have them protected but am wondering about the success of digging up the vine when the freeze hits here . Any suggestions/?


  2. Francesca says:

    It is really winter now and everything is frozen in the night in my garden. I can’t wait for the spring to come.


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