No Giant Pumpkin This Year :(

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So disappointing. No giant pumpkin this year-not even a little one. I started with 3 plants. Two died of a wilt. I checked to make sure they didn’t have a squash vine borer in them-which they didn’t. I pulled both by the end of July. I just pulled my third and last giant pumpkin plant and sent it to the State Lab last week to see if they could diagnosis what disease it had. The leaves were weird – they were stiff and broke easily, the stems were weird with galls and the blossoms wouldn’t open or stayed small and dropped off—all of them. I didn’t even have one to pollinate. This is the first time since I started growing giant pumpkins that I’ve had this kind of trouble. Some years I’ve grown great pumpkins, some years not so great but I’ve always had at least one giant pumpkin. Not this year – nada and no annual pumpkin bash! What a bummer.

The results just came in from the State Lab. They had to send  it to an independent lab to confirm their diagnosis. They both came to the same conclusion-CURLY TOP VIRUS!! No. no. I know Curly Top Virus is transmitted to tomato plants via the beet leafhopper but didn’t know it could transmit this virus to giant pumpkin plants as well. And I even had it covered with row cover until July but I guess that wasn’t long enough as it only takes one leafhopper to infect plants. 😦

8 comments on “No Giant Pumpkin This Year :(

  1. Jeanette says:

    So sorry to hear this! 😟


  2. growerjenn says:

    wow, sorry to hear of it. I know those giant pumpkins bring you great joy.


  3. And I have the same problem.The six powerful vines grew only three small pumpkin.


  4. Jill Foster says:

    I wonder too if the mild winter and huge crop of wild Mustard Weed contributed. I pulled and pulled it this last spring. So sorry you did not get a giant this year. You work so hard and have so much fun with them. You inspire the rest of us.


  5. Benjamin says:

    Glad you were able to figure out the culprit but sad you have no mega-pumpkin this year 😦


  6. Rivers, Tom says:

    Friggin bummer


  7. Olin Z says:

    im sorry to hear that. I lost my pumpkin at 350 lbs in early august, to bugs and vine rot. this was also my first year without a pumpkin to show. Next year its on!


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