Row cover everywhere!

row cover in early summer

My main vegetable garden is basically divided into three sections-Section 1, Section 2 and Section 3-each section being around a 1000 square feet. So as I look at what I call ‘Section 3’, all I see is row cover everywhere! Looks like I laid out my laundry all over the ground but this is temporary. Row cover is used for extending the seasons and for protecting crops.

When I plant new transplants such as eggplants and peppers, I find our winds horrible on them, whipping them around and drying them out-totally stressing the poor little things so I put these mini hoops over them and put row cover on that protecting them from the ferocious winds we’ve had. When I plant seeds, I also cover them with row cover to protect them from the birds and other animals eating the seedlings as the germinate. Birds love bean sprouts, corn sprouts and cucumber sprouts but when I cover them, the birds don’t know what’s going on underneath when they germinate. So the garden looks like hell for a couple of weeks but will save me time and frustration of replanting more seeds later. This year after I planted the corn, bean and cucumber seeds, I put straw around them to help keep the soil moist and since I waited to plant later, an added bonus is the soil is pre-warmed  and the straw will help hold in the moisture when I water.

5 comments on “Row cover everywhere!

  1. What do you use for your hoops? I put my row covers on for the exact reasons you do, but I just lay mine right on the ground. It goes down tomorrow. Should have gone on today, but we had a very rainy day.


    • I use 9 gauge wire that I got from Home Depot. It comes in a small roll and I cut off sections to make my ‘hoops’ then I lay the row cover over it. But I only use the wire hoops if the plant underneath can’t handle the wind moving the plant beneath it. Otherwise for seeds I lay it down directly on the soil after planting seeds and use rocks to hold it down like you.


    • Oh another thing! I also bought some 2″ x 4″ fencing and cut sections of it to create a ‘cage’ over the row of plants and then cover with row cover-I think that is what you saw in the pic…


  2. I also use gallon jugs on pumpkins, squash, cucumbers, etc. held down with a garden staple.


  3. I think I have a roll of that wire around somewhere (I sound like my grandma) – never thought of using that. I was thinking the thinnest rebar would work, but my son said that could get expensive. I love chatting with you about gardening. (and I hope the blackbirds didn’t have too much of a feast tonight)


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