Spring-More cold weather forecasted this week

Another cold snap has come into Santa Fe which is really unfortunate as all my apple trees are in full bloom. They are the last fruit trees to bloom on my property and usually escape the random freezing night this late in spring. But it was 32°F last nite and will be colder tonight and tomorrow night so we probably  won’t get any fruit again this year. When the apricots, peaches and plums were blooming this year, we had freezing weather and now the apple trees are hit. If this becomes true and we lose all the blossoms, it will be 2 years in a row where we will not get ANY fruit. Bummer.

3 comments on “Spring-More cold weather forecasted this week

  1. Johnny says:

    total bummer on the fruit trees!


  2. Tim Doebler says:

    Ugh…………..I think I am going to give up on fruit trees.


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