Arrrgh! It’s too warm!

apricot tree unpruned1

Go away warm weather! Never thought I’d say that in winter but it’s too warm right now and the trees will be fooled into sending out their flowers, thinking spring is here (it’s not) and then wham another freeze will come along and kill all the blossoms on the fruit trees and we won’t get any fruit again this year-just like last year-Wahhhh!

4 comments on “Arrrgh! It’s too warm!

  1. Many thanks for sharing


  2. the same thought went through my head today when I saw 50 on my thermometer. Think I’ll spread some grass seed on some bare patches tomorrow. Good and soggy here 😦


  3. Tim says:

    Great site and lots of useful info, many thanks.
    I remember an article from a while back. It said placing ice around the base of the tree would fool it into thinking it was still winter and delaying the bloom. I gathered it was the 32* water percolating through the soil that did the trick.


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