‘Garden talk’ show today on KSFR 100.1

For those of you up early enough to read this, you might want to check out a radio show I’m going to be on at 10:30 am for half an hour on radio KSFR 101.1 FM.  Fellow Master Gardeners, Bob Zimmerman and Laurie McGrath are hosting a new show, ‘Garden Talk with Bob and Laurie’ with me being the guest this week. Hope you’ll be listening in and please call the station to tell them you like it (KSFR 101.1 FM) as it is a pilot show and we will see if it will be picked up. If it is picked up, it will be a weekly show and they plan on having me on once a month to talk about what to do in the vegetable garden.

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One comment on “‘Garden talk’ show today on KSFR 100.1

  1. Jill Foster says:

    Oh, I am sorry I was out of town! Hope it went great, and I bet it did.
    Keep us posted.


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