‘Legendary Locals of Santa Fe’

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Last year, Anna Pacheco, who is a writer for the new Mexican, called up to ask me if I would be interested in being in her next book, Legendary Locals of Santa Fe. She said she wanted me in it for my giant pumpkins and giant vegetables that I grow. I asked her if I was old enough and she said yes (you don’t have to be dead)! The book will be available for purchase at the book signing this Sunday, March 17 and I will be there to sign my page for anyone interested. I wonder who else will be in it. The mayor will be there and there will refreshments and music too! Such a festive event! Amazing-so many people are interested in this odd hobby of mine. Hope you can come and check it out.  As I have not seen the book yet, I wonder what category I fall under? Entertainment? Art? LOL!

Here is the press release:

“The City of Santa Fe Arts Commission will sponsor the book signing-launch of:

Legendary Locals of Santa Fe

on Sunday, March 17th from 2:00 to 4:00 PM.

The event will be held in the community room at the Genoveva Chavez Community Center

located at 3221 W. Rodeo Road.

Mayor David Coss will be there to read the proclamation, “Legendary Locals of Santa Fe Day.” Entertainment will be provided by Grupo Zia and refreshments will be served.”

*The book will be available on amazon.com and as a Kindle book in early March.

*The 128-page book features 200 profiles with accompanying photos and has an index.

*Both historical and contemporary people are profiled in the following chapters:






Military Service

Public Service

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3 comments on “‘Legendary Locals of Santa Fe’

  1. L Roberts says:

    Brava! brava! Mazel Tov on making this splendid book of Legendary Locals!
    How many shovels of manure? How much watering? How much hovering over each 15 pound pumpkin seed, nurtured with love and daily attention? You deserve this special recognition…
    We’re so happy for you… love, Lynne and Laurie


  2. Peter Burke says:

    A ‘living’ legend no less. Must be all the great veggies.


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