GMO Foods in the Grocery Stores/Labeling Issue-Part 2

This is the second part on GMO foods in grocery stores. The first part can be found here. Another big deal in regards to GMOs is lack of labeling. The companies that sell GE produce or use GE foods in their products are not required to label their products that may contain some GE foods in them. Pharmaceutical drugs must have labeling, artificial sweeteners have labeling, cigarette companies have labeling but GE or GMO foods do not have to have labeling. Depressing isn’t it. What can you do?

If you want to sign a petition requiring GE labeling mandatory, sign this petition and it will get to our NM legislature. There is currently a bill in the NM legislature (SB 18-an amendment to the NM Food Act) that is being brought up in this session to have mandatory food labeling of all GE food items in New Mexico. The proposed amendment was introduced by Senator Peter Wirth. Come out this Friday, January 25, in Rm 326 of the Round House building where there will be the hearing for the first senate committee. Starts at 2:30 pm. This event just got cancelled tomorrow! Go to the Food and Water Watch facebook page here for rescheduled time.

Here are some examples of products that may contain GMO’s in them but don’t have labeling:

Anything that has SUGAR BEET sugar in it-because sugar beets can now be grown ‘Round Up Ready’. Sugar cane is safe (Look to see if your sugar says ‘sugar cane’ on it). If not then it comes from sugar beets. Some process food that may be affected are:

-sugar-If it doesn’t say sugar cane, then it is from sugar beet.

-sugar beet sweetener- Sucrose from sugar beets can include raw sugar, granulated sugar, brown sugar, confectioner’s sugar, and turbinado sugar. It is made up of glucose and fructose. Again look at the label if it says made from sugar cane it’s ok.

-cereals, cake mixes, frozen prepared foods, candy, breads, canned goods that have sweeteners in them-spaghetti sauce, etc

Anything that has corn or a corn by-products in it

-corn syrup

-cereals, cake mixes, frozen prepared foods, candy, breads, canned goods that have corn sweeteners in them-spaghetti sauce, etc+ corn meal

Any livestock that was fed with GE corn

-Meat-beef, chicken, pig that you eat.There are no GE livestock being sold in US but they can be feed GE corn grain which might be a concern.

Milk products-because  the cow/goat could be fed GE corn grain-same as above or is fed.

Eggs-because that chicken could be fed GE corn grain-same as above

Anything that has soy in itthis includes all edamame, soy sauce, tofu, tamari, miso or anything with soy

Anything with cottonseed oil or canola oil-these crops are mainly now GE grown.


1. Buy organic fruits and vegetables and organic processed foods. All organic foods are safe. For now…

2. Look for ‘Non-GMO’ labels-companies may label this voluntarily.

3. Avoid ‘At Risk’ ingredients in processed foods-corn, corn oil, corn sweeteners, soybeans, canola oil and cottonseed oil

Here are some interesting articles you might want to read: Read the first one for sure..

** have a great shoppers guide-quite extensive and list BY BRAND AND STORE and you can get an app for your phone while shopping.

USDA Approves Genetically Engineered Sugar Beets

GM soybean

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    Here is a great series of articles from Jannine Cabossel on labeling genetically engineered foods in our state. There is a petition to sign in the post and come to our potluck on Tuesday, Jan 29 to meet Food and Water Watch and get involved in the process.


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