2012 Tomatoes Reviewed

Costuluto Genevese tomato

Costuluto Genevese tomatoes

So now that I have the rest of the vegetables reviewed, I want to review my most favorite vegetable in 2012-TOMATOES!! There were many I would keep BUT also a LOT I would dump!



-Pantano Romanesco-good producer-medium size, excellent old-fashioned flavor

-Costoluto Genovese-good producer-smaller but such a beautiful tomato and excellent old-fashioned flavor

-Goldsman Italian American-big pear shape-my all time favorite for sauce-takes all season to ripen though
 but worth it

-Fireworks-good early producer-smaller is better for some people and great taste-old fashion flavor

-Beefy Boy-good producer, medium size-good taste

-Matina– smaller earlier tomato-good flavor

-Original Goliath-medium size, few cracks-good taste

-Big Zacs-huge tomato-huge taste! A favorite!


-Striped German-supersweet med to large tomato

-Ananas Noir-wonderful complex sweet flavor-green with a blush-need to plant more

-Virginia Sweet-super super sweet-the sweetest of all tomatoes I grow! One of my favorites!


-Paul Robeson-sweet, complex flavor
-Cherokee Purple-sweet, complex flavor

-Cherokee Purple-great sweet complex flavor

-Black Pear-sweet, complex flavor

-Southern Nights-sweet, complex flavor

-Brown Sugar-sweet, complex flavor


-Jaune Flamme-smaller tomato, few cracks-a favorite at the Farmers market

-Lemon Boy-supersweet medium tomato


-Black Cherry-excellent complex flavor-one of my favorites

-Green Grape-sweet fruity flavor

-Sun Sugar-the sweetest flavor of these cherry tomatoes

-Golden Pearl-sweet flavor-very prolific


-Beauty Queen-looks great but very bland taste-takes all season to mature

-Gold Medal-looks great but very bland taste, takes all season to mature

-Woodle Orange-not a great producer took all season for a few and taste bland

-Aunt Gertie’s Gold-disappointing flavor

-Honey hybrid-not a great producer-flavor just ok

-Juliet-cherry tomato-some people love it but for me it tasted like grocery store tomatoes

2 comments on “2012 Tomatoes Reviewed

  1. sophiefrancoise says:

    Thanks, Jannine, for your generosity in sharing…Your information is always valuable.


  2. gnatseyeview says:

    Beautiful Toms in the picture at the top! I’ll take a vase full of tomatoes over flowers any day!


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