So much to catch up on!

Fall Garden cleaned up

Fall Garden cleaned up

I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been busy tearing out the garden before it snowed, preparing for winter inside, working (i.e. making a living) and am studying Permaculture design with an online study group. BUT I have LOTS to share with you and will in the coming posts. Some of it will be on the fall harvest, preparing the harvest to eat, review of last season’s vegetables and about the coming season (OMG! NOT YET-yes it’s true-the seed catalogs are coming in!)  I find winter is a great time to catch up on lots of things we were unable to do in the summer/fall because of the intense gardening and to catch up on the three R’s (rest, reading, and reflection). So stay tuned!

One comment on “So much to catch up on!

  1. Gene Solyntjes says:

    Hello Jennine,

    Please do share with us the results of your studying regarding permaculture in this area. I can see my soil is better than it was when I started here three years ago, and it’s nice to be growing a few salad vegetables in the greenhouse ( with no external heat) this winter. However the soil’s enrichment catches my interest!



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