Bumper crop of apricots this year in Santa Fe

Every 7-8 years, I get some apricots off my tree. This is year 8 and my second crop since moving here 16 years ago. Not a great success rate but usually here in Santa Fe, we have a freeze in late spring that freezes the apricot blossoms and hence no crop.

But this year, it’s been exciting as I’ve seen apricots everywhere in town and out-of-town. What a bumper crop this year! So I made apricot jam, dried some and the other day I got ambitious and made an apricot tart from one of Juliet Child’s books that my friend John gave me! I gotta say, it was good. Really good.

4 comments on “Bumper crop of apricots this year in Santa Fe

  1. yummo! Will you share the recipe? I have a fabulous one from a good crop here a couple years ago–apricot chutney—and it freezes great.


  2. Janet Hirons says:

    Jannine, I agree, the apricots this year are fabulous! I’ve been making jam and preserves and today I’m going to freeze about 20 lbs using the sugar pack method in bags. I’m also baking an apricot upside down cake recipe later this week. Made a great topping for ice cream with apricots, honey, and almonds last night. We probably won’t have another year like this with apricots for quite a while, so we are eating them every day and loving it! Thanks for all your great info. cheers, Janet


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