Cherry Pitter

Remember all those cherries we picked last Saturday? I was dreading pitting them with my little hand pitter so Elodie went out and got a cherry pitting machine that is much faster and makes pitting cherries a breeze. It’s a Norpro Cherry Pitter that she got at Las Cosas in DeVargas Mall.

Here is a picture of it above. Very plastic but works great. Simple design. It’s got a tray to hold the cherries, a plunger to push out the pits, a cup where the pits go. I put a small cookie sheet under the area for the pitted cherries. Lava came over and we did most of them in about 2.5 hours.  About 20 lbs of them.

Then I placed them on cookie sheets in a single layer and froze them so they would not stick together. In about 2 hours I was able to put them in freezer plastic baggies. Should make some great cherry recipes. Waa Laa! Finito!

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One comment on “Cherry Pitter

  1. zeebeeman says:

    That’s great! Thanks. I’m going to run right out and get one today
    I just picked another 8 pounds this morning…. in addition to the 12 pounds I picked yesterday. And there are still more! Cherries galore!


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