Potato update!

First thing in the morning with a cup of coffee looking over the potatoes-time to WAKE UP!

My potatoes are growing so fast that I can’t keep up on burying them. Besides that, I don’t have enough dirt to bury them either as some of them are already 4 feet tall. I wonder how farmer’s grow potatoes in fields? I mean who has soil three feet deep to bury them?

Potatoes are corralled, straw put around potatoes and cardboard put on inside edges to keep light out

I built a temporary corral around the potato patch with small green t-posts and some chicken wire I had laying around.  I then cut some cardboard boxes open and lined the corral with them. Afterwards I got some straw to put inside the corral to cover the potato plants. I put the straw top of the soil which is already 18 inches deep. The corral keeps the straw from blowing away and the potatoes will (hopefully) grow inside the straw where it is dark.

Here are what potato flowers look like. After flowering the plant starts producing potatoes. I can’t wait! My friend Mernie thinks I might get around 150 lbs of potatoes! I might have to go to the Farmer’s Market as the POTATO LADY!

7 comments on “Potato update!

  1. Pam Grob says:

    We have potatoes growing at the Eldorado Community garden, but not as high as yours!
    We are working on the soil and it’s been really dry….the potato flowers are really pretty.
    I love getting your posts-


  2. Pam Grob says:

    Last year I had great success with my tomato plants, but this year I have a problem with the blossoms being cut off 1/4″ before the blossom starts and also some blossoms drying out. What do you think the problem is?


    • Hi Pam-
      I’m not sure if you mean cut off or if the blossoms dropped off. If you mean dropped off then I could guess it’s either not enough water or with all the hot days if it gets over 90 degrees the blossoms will drop off and pollination stops till its cooler. If you really mean cut off, then I’m not sure…


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