April Snow in Santa Fe

April snow storm in Santa Fe-2012

Good news. Bad news.

Good news-We got some snow last night-about 4 inches of very heavy wet snow. The good news is we really needed some moisture as it’s been so dry here. The plants and trees are loving it and the snow should knock down the pollen counts. The temperature this morning on the news was 33°F. But at the house the temperature read 31°F. Which one is true?

Bad news-We got some snow last night. The bad news is the apricot, plums and peach trees were all in full bloom here so we will probably not get any fruit from those trees this year plus the bees had been visiting the flowers of these trees so the blossoms will probably drop as well. If the temperature was above freezing, we might of lucked out and get some fruit. Time will tell…

5 comments on “April Snow in Santa Fe

  1. gene solyntjes says:


    Snowed in Vegas also and my 2 year old apple trees had just started to leaf out. Roses were coming along nicely. In the greenhouse the salad vegetables from over the winter have largely bolted and the radishes are already for harvesting.



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  3. Bridget says:

    Hello! I just gave you a Liebster Award! Check it out on my blog.


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