April Fool’s-An Eggstraordinary Day!!

Today was April Fool’s day and was an eggstraordinary day! After coming home from a movie we checked for eggs in the chicken coop and discovered an unbelievable sight-the whole coop floor was covered with eggs!!

“Look what we laid!! Boy are we tired! It’s been a full day to lay all these! We’ll have to sleep for a week to recover!”

Under our old girls who were now sleeping was lots of eggs!  And I don’t mean a few-lots and lots! Did they lay them? How could this be? How did they get there? Ah, a mystery! We’re not sure who put them there but it was a great April Fool’s Day joke. We laughed and laughed. We must have collected at least 10 dozen eggs, filling up every bowl and bucket we could find! Then we discovered another joke-some of them are hard-boiled and some are raw! Even more funny! Now the refrigerator is totally filled with eggs everywhere! We thinking of having a giant 120 egg omelet for breakfast tomorrow! Maybe we’ll set a Guinness World record for largest omelet! Breakfast anyone?!!

What do you think??

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