Where Have I bean??

In case you were wondering if I left the planet, I did!  Well sorta. I’ve bean in Philadelphia for the last 6 days on our annual Big Ass Glass Show. On the Road again.. Now this is coming at ya from 34,000 feet high (see I told you I left the planet) and I got some photos to share while flying home (home-ahhh!) Then it will back to that greenhouse and new garden area and glass shop.

Here’s Elodie with our art that just arrived in the booth. Everything arrived safely! Yea!

Here we are hanging lights except I stopped to take this picture! To get more in-depth pics of us at the Buyer’s Market of America Craft Show in Philadelphia, you really should check out her blog at http://liquidlightglassblog.wordpress.com but not until tomorrow because she hasn’t done it yet.

Now I’m gonna show some pics of other stuff at Philly.

The Philadelphia Convention Center is right across the street from Redding Market-best place to get all sorts of food and goodies. Here is an Amish woman  in the market weighing some CHEESE they made.

Here are some GIANT SHRIMP each one being the size of your hand! No kidding! I wish I could of had my hand in there to show how big they are (and to take a few).

We set up the show in record time. Only a day an a half. So we had enough time to go see the Vincent Van Gogh Show at the Philadelphia Art Museum on Friday. It’s called ‘Vincent Van Gogh- Up Close’. This art museum always gets some terrific shows-this is one of them. I took this photo before the guard came over and told us,”‘No pictures”. Otherwise I would show you more.

There was also the biggest collection of COMPLETE dinosaur skeletons at The Franklin Institute. It was open till 8 pm on Friday night so after the Van Gogh show we walked to it.We weren’t allowed to take pictures here either-shh don’t tell anyone! The show was donated by just one collector from Philly who has been collecting them for years. I wonder how big his house is?!

This is one that was 60 feet long. Glad they aren’t roaming the world now!

I thinks this one’s hungry..

Going home now-‘Room with a View’

Here we are over the Mississippi River (I think) What other river could look so large from 34,000 feet up?

Here we are in the plane-Can’t wait to breathe that CLEAN New Mexico air again!

One comment on “Where Have I bean??

  1. Barbara says:

    Great trip! OMG, those shrimp!


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