New vegetables I will try in 2012

I’m starting to make my list of what to grow 2012. Every year I refine my vegetable list to exclude ones that didn’t work out or I didn’t like and try some new ones. I’m keeping many of my varieties that I normally have but here are some new things I want to try: tomatillos, Atomic red carrots,  Di Firenze fennel, Argentata chard, Jerusalem artichokes, and a really ugly french beet called ‘Rouge Crapaudine’ that is supposed to be divinely sweet (the seeds come from France).  Some new tomatoes I want to try are: Southern Nights, Carbon, Woodle Orange, Flamme, Lollipop and Cour Di Bue. Oh yea, I want some small fingerling potatoes (I’m not sure of which type). I’m still looking for a good catalog for great potatoes-not just your ordinary potatoes. Anyone know of one?

2 comments on “New vegetables I will try in 2012

  1. gene solyntjes says:

    Hello Jannine, I have a friend who lives in Santa Fe who gardens year-round. He simply goes to the organic food store and buy organic potatoes ( Russet and Burbanks) and leaves them in the dark for a month. They sprout and he then cuts them into quarters and plants them in horse manure, about a foot thick atop his soil. This way they are easy to extract and they grow quite well.

    I have taken the lower portion of my 12 x 60 garden and added the horse manure to duplicate what he has used so succesfully in the past.

    Gene Solyntjes


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