Bobcat madness!

I rented a Bobcat yesterday to regrade the driveway. It was bad. Really bad. How bad? Well a friend said it was like a third world road! We had 2 storms this summer with torrential rain that wiped it out. The ground was still damp from that little snow storm  and perfect for working it. Anyways I had to rent the Bobcat for a whole day. It only took about 3.5 hrs to do the driveway and then I thought hmm, what can I do with it now?! At that moment, Javier pulled up with 2 trailer loads of horse manure, so I spread it out over the pumpkin patch that I had just cleaned up the day before. How fortuitous!  Then I went out to what will be the new garden addition (say what?!) on the back of the existing main garden. I know I said I was done adding on but I’m trying to get a three-year rotation for my tomatoes. I had cactus, piles of dirt, old compost bins and a lot of junk over there just on the other side of the long gourd tower. Well I took the Bobcat and ripped out the cactus, smoothed out the area, removed the junk and cactus, and spread out the old compost inside a couple of hours. Still had some time left so I ran it over to the area I want a greenhouse and leveled it out, removed rocks and cactus and dug up old tree stumps that would have been right in the middle of it. I had to get out of the Bobcat to push  a big piece of cement and some tree stumps into the bucket and dropped a big tree stump on my big toe loading it. Not sure but it’s either broken of severely bruised. I’ll figure that out tomorrow as I am dirt tired as I say.

Phew! Got it all done under 8 hours!

4 comments on “Bobcat madness!

  1. gene solyntjes says:


    I’m impressed with what you managed to get done with what I would guess is your first experience with a Bobcat. What are your plans for your greenhouse? If you have a drainage problem due to a substantial rainfall that wipes out your road, might I suggest a small ditch of some sort on either one side of your road to funnel this water off without ruining the road from erosion?

    Gene Solyntjes


    • This was my 3rd time using a Bobcat so I figured out what it can do before hence I was able to do a lot. Best $175.00 I’ve spent. The driveway is on a pretty steep incline but the garden area and the area for the future greenhouse are on way less of a incline but still sloped. The garden will have raised beds (but not framed) like my main garden beds and I will level each of these. The greenhouse area will also have some raised beds but I like your idea of putting a little ditch around the greenhouse to divert the rain. I’m thinking of building my own greenhouse as i don’t want a high tunnel because of the high winds I get here at times..


  2. Flynn says:

    I swear you have super powers that give you unlimited energy. I don’t know any 20 year-olds that could get that done in one day. Go Neens go!


  3. ciafriedrich says:

    OOOHHHH! thats why tou looked tuckered today. : )


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