NM State Fair Results for my Giant Veggies!

It is a good year for me at the State Fair for my giant veggies! I got 5 blue ribbons and first places for all my entries-giant zucchini, giant pear gourd, giant long gourd, giant tomato and giant greenie) and 2 I entered for Elodie ( a second giant zucchini and a tomato) took second places and got red ribbons. We still have bigger veggies waiting for the national contest in Colorado in October…

14 comments on “NM State Fair Results for my Giant Veggies!

  1. john marks says:

    They’re going to have to give your competitors a handicap so they keep coming.



  2. Frances says:



  3. gene solyntjes says:

    Hi Jannine,

    Congratulations to you and your excellent gardening! I come home from Seattle to Las Vegas and find five weeks of weeds from all the rain we have had recently, and incredibly hundreds of greeeen tomatoes. Did somebody forget to tell them it was past time for them to ripen? Apparently others around here have the same problem. The pumpkins squash, zucchini, and broccoli seems to be doing well.

    Good going!



  4. zeebeeman says:

    Jannine…you rock!
    You are New Mexico’s “size queen” !


  5. mac says:



  6. Wendy Rosen says:

    YEAH! Go Team MaXXXXX !!!!!


  7. noel hart says:

    that’s HUGE Jannine. Well done


  8. Suki Diamond says:

    how do you grow such giant veggies?


  9. Hi Jeanene, I love the photos of the giant veggies. I was down at the State Fair yesterday – and tried to find them – but wasn’t sure where to look. I went to the Flower Exhibit. Where should I have looked instead? Take care, Laurie (from Sole’s party – and the baseball game)


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