Las Conchas Fire Grows to 43,000 Acres this Morning June 27 2011

Las Conchas fire view from house overlooking Santa Fe at night June 26

So I know this is a gardening blog but want to share some pictures of the newest fire up by Los Alamos that is affecting all of us here in Santa Fe even though we are in no danger.  It is now BURNED OVER 43,000 ACRES and is within one mile of the lab.  Yesteday it was at 3000 acres. You can see it from the house. The view last night was spectacular. When I woke up this morning, there is lots of ash on my cars and a gray shroud of smoke over us. All photos taken by Elodie Holmes.

Las Conchas fire yesterday June 26 at about 8 pm driving back to the house.

Las Conchas fire from tea house area at house

Las Conchas smoke sitting heavy over Santa Fe this morning June 27

Las Conchas ash on cars this morning June 27

4 comments on “Las Conchas Fire Grows to 43,000 Acres this Morning June 27 2011

  1. has anyone thought about the tens of thousands of wild animals that have lost and will lose their homes and habitat? where will they go to find help? What will happen to their little ones who are left behind? These beloved creatures were here long before we homo sapiens and now that we are at the top, these creatures are a big part of OUR food supply. anyone concerned about the NATURAL creatures and don’t spend all their time talking about the ‘poor me’ ‘cry me a river’ humanoids.


    • I totally agree with you-this is so tragic for all the animals that could not outrun the fire and at the rate the fire grew they probably almost certainly perished. We humans need to be caretakers of all creatures not destroyers.


  2. Liz says:

    Why is there no media coverage of the needs of these animals? I have heard that at least 60 dead elk were found on a ridge above Los Alamos, but I heard this through the grapevine. Even if information is provided, what can a person do to help?


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