Shishito peppers struggling/Eggplants doing well

This shishito not doing very well

My peppers and eggplants get the royal treatment. They all have a well, drip system, row cover over them and Thrive and Seaweed given to them to adjust to the outside. They should be doing well but at least 2/3 of my shishito peppers are struggling. They should not looked like this! They have not adjusted to the heat and wind very well. I hope I get some out of the 16 I planted. They are a picky little plant. If it’s not too cold for them, then it’s too hot or too windy. They’re just not happy. Perhaps that is why they cost so much at the Farmers Market. I’ve already given them extra seaweed and Thrive. I find them harder to grow than other varieties and they stay small forever. Last year I don’t recall them struggling so much. I may pull the wall of waters off the tomatoes that are doing well and growing out of them and put them on these peppers.

On the other hand, my Pepperoncini peppers are doing well. They were a little larger than the Shishitos when I planted them and have adjusted well. I think they had stronger roots which would help in adjusting to the elements.

All the eggplants-Fairys and Rosa Bianco varieties are small but doing well and have new growth. They love the heat.

2 comments on “Shishito peppers struggling/Eggplants doing well

  1. janet hirons says:

    Jannine, thanks for the picture because my peppers look the same, I thought it was me! Picky little dudes! My zuch seeds that you gave me came up nicely. They’re still covered for protection from the birds. cheers! Janet


  2. Candace says:

    Hi, I have some chili plants growing up, since i lost all of the labels when I was away on a long vacation and my boyfriend took care of all the plants, I am not 100% sure that they are shisito, but I am guessing they are; anyway, they are not growing at the right pace neither 😦 I am guessing the culprit is I transplant them to a spots that only get a few hours of the sun in the morning and that is not enough for them … I am keeping my fingers crossed ;(


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