Tomatoes are doing excellent in Wall of Waters

tomatoes coming out of wall of waters

All of my tomatoes that are in Wall of Waters are kicking ass right now, many of them outgrowing the Wall of Waters  (WOW) and needing me to take the WOW off. The 2 tomatoes that didn’t have Wall of Waters (I ran out) are struggling, even under row cover for protection. It is amazing to me how good the tomatoes do inside those wall of waters and how poorly they do without them. The Wall of Waters act like little greenhouses and are worth every dollar they cost. As a result almost all of my tomatoes have a great head start on the season. I know I’ve talked about them before, but they are worth a mention again. If you want to be really successful with tomatoes, I think you must get these and use them when you first transplant.

One comment on “Tomatoes are doing excellent in Wall of Waters

  1. gene solyntjes says:

    Jannine, your continued comments on walls of water are making progress in my resistance to them; which is based simply on cost. My tomatoes in the greenhouse seem to be coming along fine, and the ones in the high tunnel are surviving and growing, but not at the rate of those in the greenhouse. All are drip irrigated. When you mention the fact that your tomato plants are growing OUT of the walls of water, I would like to know how tall are the WOW’s, so I can get a better idea of your growth? I have planted every tomato following your directions and the various ingredients you utilize is very different than I have experienced before. Since some plants (squash, pumpkins) in the greenhouse are growing at such a tremendous rate, I shall have to make sure daily that the tomatoes have plenty of room.



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