Getting ready to plant tomatoes

Still prepping the soil for the tomatoes today with Caleb. Got the last of the garden beds amended with the composted horse manure and all the holes dug where they will go in next week. Put the drip line back in place but haven’t tested it yet. The exact date of planting tomatoes is still unknown because next week is a mixed bag as far as the weather is concerned. Low temperatures will be from in the HIGH 30’s and the high temperatures will be in the 70’s degree range. Maybe we are over the freezing weather at night-I hope so.

I’m going flyfishing at the San Juan River over the weekend. My housesitter, who is also my garden apprentice, will watch all the tomatoes, peppers and eggplants inside while I’m gone. After I return, I will put the tomatoes in the ground- weather permitting. Looks like I’m almost going to May 15th. Last year I couldn’t wait to start planting and many of my tomatoes really struggled in early May when I first planted them. If they didn’t freeze then they were wind burned and they got set back because of my impatience! This year I’m trying to be patient!

4 comments on “Getting ready to plant tomatoes

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi — so nice to find your site. My boys and I were looking for information about growing some large pumpkins. We are outside of Bozeman, Montana, and it sounds like our conditions are much like yours. I’m amazed how large your Atlantic Giant was. I was almost afraid to try with our short season here. But we are giving it a go. Seeds will soak tonight.


  2. Jennifer says:

    I meant to ask you if you use wall of waters on your seedlings? I have very good luck and actually leave mine on for the whole season. It gives me a few extra weeks in the spring and then after they are all pruned back in the fall, the wall of wall of waters makes a great support for the blankets. As a added support, when I plant the seedlings, I first put on a tomato cage, then the wall of water.


    • Hi-yes I do use wall of waters for my tomato transplants but take them off after they pop up over them. They add great protection for our areas and our unpredictable spring weather. When is your first frost free date up there in Montana?


      • Jennifer says:

        Where I’m at here, June 1 is the hopeful date. It’s very hard to put plants out, because we just never know – generally we get at least one snow storm the first week of June. Generally we are frost-free til August 30th. Some years, if we are careful to cover everything at night, we have growing season left in September.


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