Spring Winds-Wake Up Trees!

The temperatures are warmer here in Santa Fe and it would be absolutely delightful if it wasn’t for the winds. Ahh, spring winds. The last few days it has been really blowing here. Why do we have the spring winds? They say the winds wake up the trees from their winter slumber. I like that old saying, otherwise I would hate the winds in spring. Glad the spring wind is good for something! The crabapples are blooming, the apple trees are blooming, the redbuds are blooming, the apricots are blooming, and the aspen leaves are popping out around here.

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One comment on “Spring Winds-Wake Up Trees!

  1. gene solyntjes says:

    Tall, cooler mountains with their chilly snow capped peaks, and lower plains areas with their early spring heat make the air motions so dramatic at this time of year. After living in northern Colorado and being surrounded by 12-14,000 feet peaks of the Rockies, winds can get really interesting! However, here in the foothills of the Rockies I must admit the breezes here can be dramatic, and also irritating. MY new apple trees, planted last fall are leafing and blooming which is pretty special right now.

    Gene S.


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