Starting Giant Pumpkins, ‘Giant Greenie’ and Giant Marrow

I planted all the seeds for my ‘All Star Lineup’ of giant pumpkins, giant marrows and also new this year is a giant ‘greenie’ squash (think green pumpkin) and 2 long gourd on last Thursday, April 7.

Here is a picture of a Giant Green Squash-'Greenie'-not mine!

-For the pumpkin and greenie (giant green squash) seeds I filed the edges just a little so the seed can absorb water more readily to help it germinate. Then I planted them in a 4 inch peat pot about 2 inches deep pointed side down. For the Giant Marrow I just planted the seed point side down.

-I put all of them on the plant heating map to keep the soil warm for germination. They are in the light box and get watered every day. Hopefully they will all germinate.

One comment on “Starting Giant Pumpkins, ‘Giant Greenie’ and Giant Marrow

  1. patrick says:

    Thanks for posting some great pictures of your giant marrow. I finally located some marrow seeds here in the states and they advertised them as giant marrow seeds that could possibly grow to 75 + lbs. We’ll see, but they came right up faster then anything else I planted, Banana squash and Hale’s jumbo cantalope, which was advertised as 18 pounders. My wife thinks I’m nuts, growing these giant plants. She wondered out loud that we can’t seem to eat a 3 lb cantalope, what was I thinking, growing an 18 pounder. ..Thanks for the blog–Pat from Phoenix


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