Shhh! Don’t Tell Anyone..

tea cups soaking seeds and pots with dirt-EEEEEK!

As a gardener, I try to do some things when I’m alone. Not that I don’t like company but planting seeds and transplanting seedlings up in new containers in the kitchen is dirty business. I mean literally.

Dirt in bucket in house

Yesterday was one of those days. The kitchen counters got potting soil all over them, dirt got tracked on the floor, there was a bucket of dirt in the house (for my soil sample test!), the kitchen table was full of pots and seeds and the kitchen sink had dirt in it (which I carefully scoop out so it didn’t go down the drain). I would of just died if the doorbell rang and some friend ‘popped’ in to visit and saw what a disaster I was in the middle of! But I always clean it up (with bleach!) before anyone comes and sees what a mess I made all day in the kitchen!

OMG! There's dirt in that sink!

By the time evening rolls around, it is spotless and nobody know any better! Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!

2 comments on “Shhh! Don’t Tell Anyone..

  1. Caleb Smith says:

    Did I do that?


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