Lights for Growing Your Own Seeds

Use a daylight florscent bub

I use a full spectrum florescent light bulbs (called daylight) instead of a plant ‘gro’ light for the shop lights I use in my light boxes to start my seedlings.  Full spectrum lights were originally designed for people who get SAD (Seasonal affective disorder, also known as winter depression or winter blues and live and work under regular florescent lights. Full spectrum lights are a little more expensive than regular cool white florescent lights, but cheaper than the ‘gro lights’ marketed to the gardener and provide basically the same lighting as a ‘gro light’. You can get them at the hardware stores. One thing, be sure to buy a high lumen output bulb (6500k), not the energy saver bulbs that are more common now. They produce less “leggy” seedlings.

2 comments on “Lights for Growing Your Own Seeds

  1. gene solyntjes says:

    Hello Jannine,

    WE are simply using the south facing windows here in Las Vegas and the growth here has been special, to me who has never done this thing before. I collected some pods from the Yuccas on the property last fall, and planted some of the seeds a few weeks ago, and nearly all have germinated already. Since the process works so well I shall be doing this every year from now on since I want a lot of these along our driveway running the length of our acreage and also in the cacti and rock garden to be largely completed this year.

    Thanks for the tip on the flourescant lights.



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