Back from Philadelphia

Well I just got back tonight from a week away at the Buyer’s Market of America held in the Pennslvania Convention Center where Elodie and I show her glass art and some of mine to potential buyers from galleries, museums, crafts stores, etc. It’s sooo good to be home! I like Philly alot but there’s nothing like fresh air (no stinky bus air), big skys with zillions of stars and land, LAND—to plant veggies that is not taken up by zillions of buildings, QUIET! quiet…no noises at night except the goats quietly baaahing to me when they saw me tonight and now the coyotes will serenade me off to sleep. NICE.

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One comment on “Back from Philadelphia

  1. gene solyntjes says:

    Hello Jannine,

    Glad your back. The seeds I planted in the Al Calde greenhouse on the 15th are starting to appear for us. Arugula first; it would appear the work expended on this project is starting to pay off. I plan to be planting carrots inside next Monday and will continue planting in progression, ala Coleman, and this could turn out to be a great planting season. I shall continue to appreciate any, and everything you continue to add to the site.



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