Vigilante Consumers Unite Against Monsanto

Coundn’t sleep last night so I decided to write a letter petitioning the President after reading a Mother Earth News article on Monsanto. The decision by the USDA to fully deregulate Genetically Engineered alfalfa is a travesty to all Americans. Where are the watchkeepers who are suppose to look after the American people? You can read the article here at If you want you can let the White House know that organic food has a right to exist and thrive, and that you do not support the deregulation of GE alfalfa or any crop, by signing this petition. I feel so strongly about this that here is a copy of my letter:

Dear President Obama:
I know you’ll never read this but I felt compelled to sign this petition.

I am outraged that despite an opportunity to PROTECT our consumers and farmers, your Administration has decided to allow Monsanto GE crops to continue to grow unchecked in the marketplace. Does Monsanto have such a hold over your administration, that you can’t do the right thing? They don’t have to subject their GE products to any testing before releasing them into the fields and markets. You might as well have just dropped a nuclear bomb on our country because of the devastating effects this may have in future years on our crops and people. Even other countries are not allowing Monsanto’s GE seeds into their countries. Are they so much wiser than us? I guess Monsanto’s lobbyists don’t have much clout with them.

This damaging decision, under your leadership, to permit commercial planting of Monsanto’s genetically engineered Roundup Ready alfalfa was made at the expense of agricultural diversity, farmer livelihoods, and my ability to choose.

And I want to be able to choose-whether the foods I eat contain genetically engineered ingredients and I choose NOT to. Will you let your children eat GE food products that have not been proven to be safe and where no guidelines have been in place?  Yes, it’s true, alfalfa is not consumed by humans but it is consumed by the cows whose milk we drink and the steers that we eat.

When it comes to GE crops in America, I will vote for choice both at the grocery store and at the polls in 2012 and THAT’S A SHAME BECAUSE I VOTED FOR YOU.



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One comment on “Vigilante Consumers Unite Against Monsanto

  1. gene s says:

    Hello Jannine,

    , I had already received information on this from my friends in the Seattle Master Garden program and have acted on it already. Thank you for the alert, however.

    On another issue, on your recommendation I purchased gophenator traps and intend on waging wars on those varmints on my property. I shall be attaching the retaining lines today and do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks for all your advice.

    Gene Solyntjes


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