Gopher problems

A gopher-too bad they so damn cute

When cleaning up the garden I noticed the gophers have made major inroads into it. Last year they started tunneling in but I deterred them with smoke bombs. I don’t think it killed them but they left for the season and hung outside the garden perimeter. But this year they are there so since I won’t use poison (don’t want to kill the neighbor’s cat who hunts) I will use traps. I don’t know how they got here out in the country (maybe someone used live traps and dumped them out here) but within the last 3 years they have appeared and the battle is now on. I hate to kill them but I work way too hard in the gardens and orchard to let them destroy all of it. A friend of mine turned me on to Trapline where they have gopher, mole and vole traps. She came out and taught me how to use them so the battle is on. Got to get rid of them before the gardening season starts.

2 comments on “Gopher problems

  1. rodentguys says:

    I am a professional gopher trapper ( and thought I would tell you about a product called Tunnel Fill ( It is an organic gopher control product and may be a good fit for you.


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