Bear 2000-2011

Bear, Handsome Bear, as I always called him, was my big male Swiss Alpine wether. Today I  had to have the vet put him down after a battle with severe Arthritis. He’s had it for a long time but had been really struggling for about a month now. He was always very protective of his twin sister, Butch who is still with us. He loved attention and having his pictures taken. If I brought a camera down, he would always ham it up. Here are some pictures of my beloved Bear. He was a great goatie thing.

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2 comments on “Bear 2000-2011

  1. Frances says:

    I am sending you a hug Jannine. I know how sad it is.


  2. Janet H says:

    Jannine, A big cyber hug from me too. Sweet, sweet Bear, giving my Sunny little nudges up in pet heaven. So hard to loose your animal friends … they touch us in such long lasting and loving ways … xoxo


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