3rd Annual Pumpkin Bash and pumpkin giveaway this Friday-Nov.5th

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The 3RD ANNUAL PUMPKIN BASH will be held this Friday, Nov 5th at 9am in the parking lot of Liquid Light Glass located at 926 Baca Street here in Santa Fe, NM, where ‘Kong’, the NEW New Mexico State Record Pumpkin has been on display all month.

I’ve invited friends and the Kong boys (the guys who schleped it around for me) to come and try to split Kong in two. We draw straws to see who gets the first whack and wield axes or mauls to (gulp) split Kong. Then we cut it up and give the wonderful pieces to my cook friends who I will contact ahead of time. (Cooks can pick it up after 10am-friday). You can come and watch or participate and please take a piece away! After all we have 421 lbs to give away! Last year it only took an hour for it to disappear. It will make wonderful pies, soup, bread, etc. and can be cooked and frozen for later use as well. So come and enjoy the event!

What do you think??

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