Pick those green tomatoes before a freeze!

green tomatoes need to be on single layer

Now is the time to finish picking those green tomatoes before it freezes tonight! I have been collecting boxes and paper bags to store them in for some time now. They will be everywhere in the house this year. Last year I put them in the studio and it wasn’t heated and I didn’t get any tasty ones. Tomatoes that are picked need temperatures at 51 degrees or higher to finish ripening-so that leaves OUT most garages unless they are heated. Put them on a single layer of possible, not stacked as in the first photo.

Tomatoes starting to ripen

Also be sure to cover them so they are not in direct sunlight and be sure to rotate them as they all ripen differently. MOST of your tomatoes that have start turning light green will ripen just fine and SOME of those dark green ones MAY ripen as well. Don’t bother with picking all the immature small ones (depending on size of mature tomatoes), they won’t ripen well.

cherry tomtoes in clusters starting to ripen

Also I cut off the whole cluster of decent size cherry tomatoes to ripen. You can sort through them later to get rid of the small ones…

One comment on “Pick those green tomatoes before a freeze!

  1. Eliza says:

    I love a garden blog where the veggies take center stage and this one is so entertaining! Your giant vegetables are just amazing, I’m glad you win awards for them. I’ve never seen anyone store cherry tomatoes like this, either. I’m going to have to try it next year.

    I wanted to ask if you’d be willing to submit one of your blog posts that features a specific vegetable variety to the new blog carnival I’m hosting. I think your post on ‘Striped German’ tomatoes would be perfect for it.


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