Gone Fishing!!

Colorado River at Lee's Ferry

This week I’m taking off and going flyfishing at Lee’s Ferry at Marble Canyon, AZ. It’s a tailwater that comes out of Lake Powell where the water is a constant 42 degrees and the trout fat and fiesty. This tail water fishery is below Glen Canyon Dam, at the head of the Grand Canyon. Weather should be in the 60-70’s and nites in the 50’s. Perfect. Might get some rain too. Hope not too much but a sprinkle or two would be nice. I’m going for the majestic canyons where the Colorado river carved through them and of course the trout which is catch and release.  Some people ask why go fishing if you don’t keep them. I tell them I use to do ‘catch and eat’ but now I like the hunt-trying to see if you can fool them into thinking your fly is their food and then releasing these beautiful animals  back into the wild. I use single barbless hooks so the fish don’t get hurt.

Be back later this week-hope to have some great stories and pictures to share before getting back to finishing up the garden season. Still lots to do but we’ll talk about that next week!

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