Kong Gets A Lift To Colorado!


Friday Oct 1, 2010/8:30 am-Up early today getting ready for the gang to come and help pick up Kong into the truck. My friends who helped are some big dudes and I couldn’t have done it without them. Thanks guys!  Kong measured 269 OTT which means it is around 404 lbs but the three charts that estimate the weight put me between 404 lbs up to 415 lbs depending which chart you look at. I would of liked to cut it off tonight but this is when I could get the whole gang together. Hope I don’t need the extra weight Kong could gain today. We leave at 5 am tomorrow to drive to Colorado Springs for the GPC weigh-off. Here is a slide show of the loading event.

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One comment on “Kong Gets A Lift To Colorado!

  1. gigi says:

    woo hoo! what was it like birthin” your babies??? how fun for you…congrats! 🙂


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