Kong crawls to 400 lbs with three days left..

My giant pumpkin, Kong is now at 400 lbs and I must get to 405 lbs by Friday AM (when I cut it off). 405 lbs would just barely beat the NM State Record (404lbs) and the weigh-off is this Saturday in Colorado Springs. I just found out there is another official weigh-off on Oct 16th in Boise City OK (which is actually closer) but last year I waited till a later weigh-off hoping to get more weight and missed it because of a blizzard here in Santa Fe and in CO and my weighing it here on a certified scale didn’t count as it has to be weighed on one of these big GPC (Great Pumpkin Commonwealth) events to count. That plus my giant pumpkin buddies are in Colorado. I am going by an older weight chart which puts Kong at the least weight (400 lbs now). If I go by the newer charts, I’ve already beat the record. I’m leaning to going anyway this weekend as I already have a truck lined up to borrow and 6 strong guys coming out on Friday to lift it in the truck for me.  And who knows how long this beautiful weather will last. I also have a giant zucchini that I have to get weighed as well. At last week’s weigh-off (they have three of these official weigh-offs in CO) the biggest zucchini was 4 lbs-my biggest is around 50 lbs! What a quandry…Grow Kong, grow..

2 comments on “Kong crawls to 400 lbs with three days left..

  1. Trisha says:

    The countdown is on for Kong! Wow…amazing…wishing you the best in CO! And your tomato photos are beyond gorgeous! What an inspiration you are…and to think your gorgeous garden is a mile from me.

    Take care,


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