N. Harp and Grande pumpkins

949 N. Harp flower

949 Harp pumpkin/20 lbs on 8-14

As Christy Harp, the new giant pumpkin world record holder (1725 lbs) once said, “Growing giant pumpkins-it’s not a hobby, it’s an obsession!” I have to agree because once you get some growing, it is so much fun to watch and I mean literally! The first photos are of my biggest on the N.Harp plant. Look how round it is.

895 Grande female flower

The other pictures are of my biggest pumpkin from the Grande 895 plant. Look how oval it is. I’ve shown the beginning pic and current pic-they are pretty much the same shape as when I first pollinated them. When I went out the other evening and measured those pumpkins, the 895 Grande had put on 3.5 inches in girth from the evening before. That’s in 12 hours. I have more pumpkins coming on but those 2 are my biggest and are now 20 and 25 lbs-small for giant pumpkins but they are only babies and will grow extremely fast in August and September. I haven’t named them yet but will this week. (yes I name them. Any veggie you grow for 5-6 months and grows this fast deserves a name) It has begun..

895 Grande/25 lbs on 08-14

2 comments on “N. Harp and Grande pumpkins

  1. cia says:

    i am looking for Kongs latest pict, though at 360 it is huge.


  2. Cia says:

    Waaa Hooo!!!!
    I saw Bob n Jerry tonight! Congrats! Largest pumpkin Ever grown in New Mexico : )
    You are the IT master gardener. and another award? What was that?


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