Giant Marrows

giant marrow patch

If you told me this spring when I planted one little giant marrow seed that it would become the gorilla of the garden going anywhere it wants, I wouldn’t have believe you. It has a space about 25 feet wide by 30 feet and is moving into other veggies’ territories! I’m not sure how big the actual marrows are yet but will dance around the vines this weekend and get in there to see them. Marrows are popular in Europe equating to our zucchini but can grow much larger. This one seed came from a giant marrow that weighed over 75 lbs. The grower is from the Netherlands and was kind enough to give me a seed. It is a Curcurbita Pepo. I hope to enter one into the State Fair in Sept. If I find a good size one I will photograph it this weekend. Meanwhile I do have a regular zucchini growing for the State Fair as well. Zucchini was the only vegetable I put into the fair that didn’t place. Just something to do for a giant gardener!

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