Wow! First apricots in 10 years!

Apricots in 2010!

We don’t get many apricots in Santa Fe because of the freezes we experience in Spring usually right as the apricots are blossoming but this year is the first time in ten years that I have gotten a few apricots! I didn’t get many (there are a few more on the tree) but just the fact that I got any was a miracle as we had many freezes this spring but I guess the apricots missed the freezes. I had to pick them a little early cause the birds  pick them apart. Aren’t they beautiful?!

2 comments on “Wow! First apricots in 10 years!

  1. Frances says:

    I have 12 apricots this year (I would have had hundreds if not for those 26 degree frosts). I’m happy I have 12 (and they are beauties).


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