garden update June 18

Well the first 35 tomatoes I planted  in the first few days of May are really doing great. They survived the late freezing temperatures and the unbelievable winds in wall of waters and they looked like hell for awhile  but are really big now. But the ones I planted a couple of weeks ago (the competition tomatoes) are still struggling. It has been really hot in the day. I just took off the row cover now  as I’m afraid if I keep it on any longer they won’t get to the size I need them. They look stunted. Hope they make it.  So far, I’ve have 2 tomatoes dying and one pepper died. Not bad but really hated losing that black cherry plant although I still have one BC left. Some of the giant sunflowers were eaten by birds-yummy little sprouts! So i have to replant those.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I am finishing up the drip system for the main garden, putting row cover on the corn so the birds don’t eat the seedlings as they come up, re-establishing the wells around the plants where needed, and adding straw on each well and the cages. Also replanting some of the stuff that either got eaten by birda or didn’t come up.  I took off the row cover on all the summer squash, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes. Doesn’t look like I’ve hung my laundry out in the garden anymore although I am keeping it behind the plants in case I need it again for hail. Hail-ha! Hasn’t rained here in quite awhile.

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