June bearing strawberries ready

stawberries in patch

The June bearing strawberries planted last year are really ripening now and will continue bearing through the rest of June. This is the first year for producing berries and the plants should produce well for 3 years. Last year at this time they were putting out all kind of runners. This year they are putting their energy into bearing fruit. If you plant some strawberries and don’t know what type they are just wait to see if they put out lots of runners and if they do, they are probably a June bearing type.  If not, they are one of two more types of strawberries. I’ve never grown strawberries before and am real excited to grow them. I keep them covered with row cover so the birds don’t get the berries.

1st strawberries gathered

Here is a little more info on the 3 types of strawberries: June bearing, Everbearing and Day Neutral.

June Bearing strawberries produce a single, large crop per year for a couple of weeks in late spring-June. June bearers produce a single flush of flowers and many runners. There are 3 varieties- early, mid-season and late season. The largest fruits are from the June bearing varieties.

Everbearing strawberries produce two to three crops of fruit  during the spring, summer and fall. They do not send out many runners.

Day Neutral strawberries will produce fruit throughout the growing season. These strawberries also produce few runners. Everbearing and day neutral strawberries are great when you don’t have much space, but the fruits are smaller than June bearers.

closeup of strawberries

We gathered a big bowl of them and they are really beautiful!  fixed some whipped cream  for a special treat!

strawberries and whipped cream-yum!

2 comments on “June bearing strawberries ready

  1. Frances says:

    I looooooooooove strawberries!!!!! 😉


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