summertime night storm

night storm over Santa Fe

Quite a show Sunday night with a nice summer storm. Cooled things down a bit which we really needed. Here are some photos of the storm when it finally came in the evening.

night storm sheet lighting

New Mexico gets the second most lighting strikes next to Florida and I like to follow the weather and these storms. We get our summer storms in mostly from Mexico that go up through Arizona and then over to us but this one came from the east going west. Go figure.

nighttime lightning

Anyways I read that lighting strikes are good for plants and soil as they add a negative charge to the earth which the plants like.  Lighting can go from the clouds down to the earth as well as from the earth to the clouds. Wind on the other hand produces a positive charge which make people crabby (and I think plants too!) At least that what it does to me!

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2 comments on “summertime night storm

  1. fran says:

    I spent a lot of time Sunday nite marveling at the sky.


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