winter squash and corn

Last year I tried some squash (winter) in with my corn and it didn’t do very well.  The squash was green enough but seem to grow slower in the shade of the corn and never produced one squash. So this year I’m going to plant them close-but in 2 separate beds positioned so the corn won’t shade it.

Last year's winter squash-Galeux de Eyesines

This year for winter squash, I’m going to plant Marina di Chioga (an Italian heirloom and Galeux de’ Eyesines (a french heirloom that gets bumps that look like warts-the more bumps, the higher the sugar content!) and let them sprawl. They can take over where the giant pumpkins were last year since I am moving the pumpkin patch to a new bigger area this year.

What do you think??

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