Composted horse manure


Since I lost my beloved horse, Bri, last October to colic, I don’t have any more horse manure for the garden or my compost piles. My neighbor called me and said they were renting a Bobcat for the weekend and offered it to me to take all of their horse manure after they got done with their projects. They have about 4 years of it so it should be well composted. Today I went over and got a lesson in driving the Bobcat. Fun! Tomorrow I will get up early and start loading my trailer with it and making runs to my garden. I’m delighted as I made a new area for the giant pumpkins last fall and tilled some manure in but it needs more so I will amend it with this new stuff . I also need some for the new area where the tomatoes will go. I rotate my tomatoes to not be in the same place for three years so they will go where the pumpkins were last year. I can’t wait to get this stuff-it’s like gold! I will take some pics of the project tomorrow. Who would think one could get so excited over poop!

3 comments on “Composted horse manure

  1. zeebeeman says:

    If you have any leftover, let me know?
    (horsepoop is much better for my raised beds than chicken shit!)


  2. lucnig says:

    Sorry to hear about your horse. I have a horse called Maya so lots of access to horse manure, unfortunately we can’t give away the stuff, no one wants it. Not even our local farmers. They’ve been using filtered/treated human waste!


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