Rocky Mountain Giant Vegetable Growers (RMGVG)

I am rejoining Rocky Mountain Giant Vegetable Growers (RMGVG) today. They are an organization that promotes growing giant veggies especially giant pumpkins and squash. If you join in the beginning of the year, they will send you a bunch of giant pumpkin seeds from their growers. They are located in Colorado. For those of us who want to try to grow giant pumpkins, they are the only group in the Southwest that have official weigh-offs at the end of the year that are part of the GPC (Great Pumpkin Commonwealth). The GPC is a worldwide organization for giant pumpkin growers. If you want to get in the official world record books you must go to a GPC sanctioned weigh-off.

One comment on “Rocky Mountain Giant Vegetable Growers (RMGVG)

  1. Marteena Ring says:

    I’m sooooo excited that you’ve re-organized and active again!!


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