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UPDATED for 2021-Here is a list of my favorite SEED and GARDENING catalogs that I use.



Seed Saver Exchange—As a SSE member I want to support this non-profit organization who is dedicated to CONSERVING and promoting heirloom varieties of veggies, flowers, fruits and herbs. It’s catalog is wonderful with many varieties of seeds that are hard to find or have been kept in families for generations.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds—It features beautiful pictures of all many varieties of heirloom vegetables, flowers and fruits, many of which are very unusual and rare. It gives wonderful descriptions and history of where each variety originated. Check them out.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange– recommended by Baker Heirlooms as another good source for heirlooms. Has many hard to find vegetable seeds.

Wild Boar Farms—specialize in fantastic OP varieties of tomatoes.

Baia Nicchia Farm—specialize in more fantastic OP varieties of tomatoes. Created the Artisan Seed Series of tomatoes in Johnny’s Seeds catalog. Support their company for certain select seeds not available anywhere else and go to Johnny’s for the rest of their Artisan tomato seeds. Support their breeding work by buying directly from them.

Secret Seed Cartel—specialize in unique, unusual or rare seeds of peppers and tomatoes from

Wild Garden Seeds—My new go to catalog for wonderful greens and lettuce (You can buy in smaller amounts not by the ounce. The packet price listed on top of catalog pages)

John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds—Sells many wonderful hard to find heirloom seeds like Argentata chard and French gray shallots.

Kitazawa Seed Company—Oldest seed company in America specializing in Asian vegetable seeds.

Irish Eyes Garden Seeds—Get your different types of potatoes here.

Native Seed/SEARCH—fabulous seeds by native people in the southwest.

Peaceful Valley—I get all my row cover and most of my growing supplies from

Johnny’s Selected Seeds—provides hybrid, heirloom and OP seeds, tools, information, and service. A general all-purpose catalog packed with more than just seeds.

Territorial Seed Company—I get my 5″ round peat pot from them for starting my giant pumpkins (most companies sell up to 4 ” size of peat pots).

There are many other good seed companies that do not buy their seed stock from Seminis.  To see more good seed companies that may be among your favorites, go here. If your favorite seed company is not listed, call them if you are interested.

To see my current post go to my home page: and you will be able to follow all my posts.

6 comments on “catalogs

  1. Gennie Fretty says:

    Thank you for the Sunflower seeds and for the great display of you talents. When will you write a book for us old timers.we need your help. A Master Gardener’s Hand Book, or what?


  2. Katherine says:

    Thank you for this great info – just moved to Santa Fe so it is very helpful!


  3. YOU are the BEST!!! Thank you for sharing your experiences and adventures so GENEROUSLY!
    love xxx Lynne


  4. M. Darlene Wigger says:

    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful information and your gardening experiences. I’m working in my son’s garden in Missouri . this year was bad because of the fungus, so I’ll be working on the ground to get it healthier for next year !!!! love reading all your STUFF !!!


  5. Edna Winningham says:

    Please send catalogs 145 Union Lane. Livingston TN 38570


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