Kitchen Garden & Coop Tour-August 6, 2017

Well, the Home Grown Kitchen Garden & Coop Tour is almost here! This is the most wonderful kitchen garden tour in Santa Fe. The first time I went, I got so many new ideas for my garden and I look forward to going this year and being inspired. Hope you all can make it!  I’ll be working the tour and hope to see you all there. Here is the info on it.

The 2017 Kitchen Garden & Coop tour is fast approaching. Come get inspired for your own gardens on this self-paced tour! See five of Santa Fe’s most inspirational gardens. Pick up ideas that you can use at your place or just enjoy these beautiful edible and functional landscapes.

The 5 properties on the tour this year will feature many gardening ideas—beautiful vegetable gardens, fruit trees, backyard chicken coops, composting, backyard bees, greywater systems, greenhouses, a neighborhood community garden, permaculture sites, edible landscapes and rainwater harvesting systems.


For more info on this event and to find out how to get tickets and a map, go to:


2 comments on “Kitchen Garden & Coop Tour-August 6, 2017

  1. Pamela Grob says:

    I have 2 problems with my tomato leaves…one the leaves are brown along the edges and the other plant has very curly leaves. What do you think is the problem?


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