Yesterday Was 60° F

I was off work yesterday and spent most of the day in the garden. And what a great day it was! It was a glorious day to be outside in the garden-60° F.  I continued  to collect old piles of debris that I had raked up last fall but had not gotten all of them out of the garden. I saw some gopher activity so I’ll have to get busy trapping them soon. Then I moved all of the tomato cages that were tossed over the garden fence and organized them in the now empty round pen. I have 60 totaled! After that I raked any debris just outside the garden as well to keep the area clean. Then I made some goatie toys for my dwarf Nigerian goats.  I stacked some old tires up and screwed them together and then put wooden caps on them (so the goats won’t fall in the holes and then put a plank across the span between the two tires columns. Immediately they jumped up on them and walked the plank! Goats like to play king of the mountain and this will work fine for them. A busy day altogether and I was a little sore last night but it was a good sore. You know, the kind you get when you get things done in the garden.

What do you think??

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